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Tuesday August 25, 2009

OMG!  School starts tomorrow.  IDK where the summer went.  Yesterday it seems like we got out of school and now we have to go back.  TISNF, I mean my best friend was gone most of the summer.  AFAIC, it could stay summer forever.  Still, I hope Amanda is in my classroom.  I mean WWYD if your best friend wasn't in class with you?  I hope I can sleep tonight, Bridg  (What do you think about that name, does it sound cooler than Bridgett?)

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Tuesday August 18, 2009

This is what summer is all about!  My bff Amanda, Carey, and I took a bike ride to the pool.  We swam all day, ate hot dogs in the shade, and giggled until my insides hurt.  It was the best!  ttyl, Bridgett

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Thursday August 13, 2009

Hi, this is Bridgett Butt!!  This is my brand new  blog page on Debbie Dadey's website.  I will try to make a new entry once a week to talk to you about what is going on with me.  Come back soon!


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Tuesday August 11, 2009

 I'm btd!  Bored!  When I told my mom, did she do anything exciting?  How about taking me to the mall?  Taking me to Six Flags?  Taking me swimming?  No, she made me clean out my closet!  Yuck!  I did find some stuff I thought was lost forever though and I did find some stuff I'd forgotten about.  I even found some really old stuff from when I was a kid that I ended up playing with.  How about you?  Are you BTD?  Don't say anything to your mom, unless you WANT to clean out your closet.  g2g (My mom is making me clean out my underwear drawer!  Ugh! Bridgett

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Tuesday August 4, 2009

 Do you want to hear something totally unfair?  My big brother gets to go to camp, but do I?  NO.  Do you think that's fair?  My mom says when I'm his age, I can go.  Being the youngest is a pain, pain, pain!  And right now I'm mad, mad, mad!  g2g, Bridgett ):

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