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Thursday January 29, 2009

My mom read in the paper that last week was No Bullying Week.  MashedPotatoesI think every week should be no bullying week, don't you?  I have to admit, that I blew my top again.  So I didn't keep my New Year's Resolution, but Mikey drove me nuts.  He kept saying the only good butt is a Bridgett Butt.  I guess that was supposed to be nice.  Then he got started on "Bridgett has only one butt to give for her country."  The last straw was when he stood up in the lunch room and said, "Give me Butt or give me mashed potatoes."  None of it made sense, but since when did Mikey ever make sense?  I ask you, can you blame me for splatting him with mashed potatoes right in the nose? I think not.  I was btcn!  Too bad the principal didn't agree with me.  Your BFF, Bridgett

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Wednesday January 21, 2009

NO SCHOOL TODAY! Thanks to Martin Luther King, Jr. for giving us the day off. My teacher said he changed a lot of things in our country. He gave a famous speech that said something like, "I have a dream that all people be treated the same, no matter what color their skin it." That's a good dream. I have a dream too. I wish all people would be treated the same (with no teasing) no matter what, even if they have a stupid last name like Butt! ttyl, Bridgett

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Saturday January 10, 2009

2 BIG THINGS!  I HAVE GONE 10 DAYS WITHOUT GETTING MAD AT MIKEY OR MY BRUHH, TOM!  Everytime they say something mean, I smile.  They get so red in the face, it's funny and I smile more. LOL

And for even more amazing news, Amanda and Carey both like Mikey. Like in BF/GF! And they are fighting over him.  They give each other mean looks and won't sit together on the bus. It's like bwpwap.   I like having Amanda to myself again, but I feel bad about Carey.  Mikey is just a pain in the rear! bttyl, Bridgett

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Sunday January 4, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  In 2009, I'm not going to let Mikey Parsons make me mad.  I'm going to be nice to my bruhh and I'm going to do my homework right when I get home.  bm&y, I don't know how long I'll last, but I'm going to try! GTG, Bridgett

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Saturday December 27, 2008

I slept to 10:30 this morning and then I wore my PJs all day long.  It was so cool.  My bruhh even played some new board games with me and I captured his mouse in Mouse Trap.  He didn't even get mad!  bm&y, I love Christmas vacation.  Don't you?  brb, Bridgett

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