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Wednesday November 5, 2008

CandyBar HI guys!  Did you have a great Halloween?  I got so much candy I could sell it and make a million dollars.  I could call my store Bridgett's Candy for a Buck.  Of course, then I couldn't eat my candy and I DO want to eat it!  My favorite is Resse's Peanut Butter Cups.  I was Spiderman this year, just like last year.  My BFF, Amanda, was Superman.  We're a great team.  It was so fun, except for Mikey.  He thinks he's so cool.  He was a pirate and he kept bonking me over the head and saying, "Kill the Super Butt!"  I'm really really trying not to hate him!  ttyl, Bridgett

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Thursday October 23, 2008

What would you do if Mikey Parsons called you a name almost every day of yourNoHate
entire life? I mean he started calling me BoogerButt in Kindergarten!
Would you hate him? I know I'm not supposed to hate him,but I REALLY REALLY
don't like him! And now, my bff thinks he's kind of cute.
I think she's a traitor. Don't you?
g2g, Bridgett

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Thursday October 16, 2008

1heartAmanda Reynolds likes Mikey Parsons!  I mean like bf/gf like! 
I was over at her house and she atp and it was Mikey!  Yuck! 
She actually talked to him.  How could she?  It was so awk.I phone
mean Mikey has been mean to me since forever! IDK if I should be mad
or not. wwyd?  ttyl, Bridgett

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Tuesday October 7, 2008

P911!  My mom is so mad at me I thought her eyelids were going to catch on fire.  You'd think that getting the third warning letter home from school was the worst thing in the world.  I wasn't even doing anything wrong.  aamof, I was just asking my BFF a question.  TISNF.  My teacher is trying to make my hand fall off.  I have to write my favorite poem 10 times!  I don't even have a favorite poem.  Do you?  ttyl, Bridgett

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Sunday September 28, 2008

list Who ever invented spelling tests should be made to sit in chocolate pudding with worms in it-not the candy gummy worms, but real worms!  IDK who thinks it's fun to write words over and over, but that's how I have to do it. 
I mean, one of my words this week is:  ave
I mean does anyone really care how to spell avenue?  Can't we just call everything a road or a street, which are soooooooooooooooo much easier to spell?  Sigh, if you have any tricks for learning spelling words without having to write them twenty times please let me know.  (BTW, it makes me sick that my BFF doesn't even have to study and she already knows how to spell avenue!  IMHO TISNF!) 

TTYL, Bridgett  

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