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Thursday September 11, 2008

Bridgett here!  How's life where you live? 

Today was a good day.  I didn't trip going up the stairs of the bus.  I got to sit with my best friends on the bus.  Mikey, the creep who likes to tease me, didn't even say one disgusting word about my stupid last name, which you may orears may not know is THE worst name in the world (BUTT!).  Ever have a day like that?
It's not like I went to Disney World or anything (which I wish I could!).       

It's just that things weren't horrible and for me that's good.  I mean when your name's Butt, there are a lot of rotten days so when a good one comes along I have to enjoy it big time.  Oops, GTG I've got PIR and I can't write with a POS.
BRB, Bridgett

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Saturday September 6, 2008

BBdumb OMG!  Homework on the first day of school!  TISNF!  Don't teachers know we need a break for the first few weeks of school?  Sigh.  It's math and I think I forgot how to and and subtract over the summer.  Who cares what 8 plus 9 equals? 

Does anyone else have problems like me or am I the only one? 
Sometimes I think everyone else is smarter than me.  :(  
TTYL, Bridgett (The Dumb Butt)

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Monday August 25, 2008

Hi again.  You think you've got problems?  Try having a name like Bridgett Butt!  TISNF!  MikeyStink

It wouldn't be so bad if there weren't boys like
Mikey Parsons around. 
IMHO he's a Stinkpot with a capital S. 

I hope you don't have any stinkpots in your new class.  OMG can you believe it's time for school again?  My mom took me shopping for new stuff.  I had to wait in the underwear department while she bought my dumb brother's boxers.boxersIt was so embarrassing.
TTYL, Bridgett

NOTE:  I am totally into learning Internet slang.
Here's some of my new favorite words:
IMHO-In my honest opinion
OMG-Oh my gosh
TISNF- That is so not fair!
TTYL-Talk to you later

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