wHowie1 Meet Howie ~ Bailey School Kid!

 When is your birthday?  January 5th
 Do you like sports? They’re okay, but I’d rather read a book most of the time. 
 Do you have a pet?  I’m allergic to dogs, but I wish I could have one.  My sisters have a cat named Rover
 Who lives at your house?  I live with my mom most of the time.  My parents are divorced.  My dad works at FATS, The Federal Aeronautics Technology Station.  I have an older and a younger sister.
 Do you have other family in Bailey City?  My grandmother is Irish.  She comes to visit a lot.
 What do you want to be when you grow up?  I want to be a doctor.  My little sister was sick a lot when she was born.  The doctors made her well.  I want to help people like that.
 Do you play an instrument?  I played the saxophone in band class.  I took piano lessons for a while.
 Have you ever made anything you were proud of?  I made a really cool radio once for a science project.  My dad helped me.  It was awesome.
 Who is your best friend?  Eddie.  Some people think he’s mean, but I know him better than most people.  We’ve played together as long as I can remember.
What is hanging on your bedroom wall?
I have a poster of Albert Einstein.  I also have a picture of my dad.  My grandmother gave me a painting of Ireland.  She wants me to come visit her there.