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Ghostville Elementary
SERIES Legends

  1. In the book series, "Ghostville Elementary", Cassidy, Jeff, and Nina hear many legends about their school including:

    "The Legend of the Basement Ghosts"
    "The Legend of the Blackburn Estate"
    "The Legend of the Headless Ghost"
    "The Legend of Artemus Finnegan"

    Cassidy, Jeff, and Nina know that legends are not always based on facts, but the kids at Ghostville Elementary School know one thing is true. There really are ghosts haunting their basement classroom. How do they know? They’ve seen them!

    What makes a legend a legend? A legend is usually based on something real that gets exaggerated. Go to the library and read lots of legends, then list what makes a legend a legend. Then, try writing your own legend about your family, school, neighborhood, or town!

  2. In the "Ghostville Elementary" story called Stage Fright, the kids turn a favorite book into a play. Turn one of your favorite books into a play. How? Rewrite each chapter into a script by highlighting all the important parts and then rewriting them as dialogue that characters say. Perform your play for family and friends!

  3. Times certainly have changed since the ghosts first started going to Ghostville Elementary. What things would be new to a ghost who once lived in the 1800s? Find out what kinds of toys and games kids in the 1800s played. Compare them to what kids play today. Make a chart!

  4. Olivia is the very friendly, and somewhat unusual, custodian for "Ghostville Elementary". One thing she is famous for is saving homeless animals. In some of the stories, Olivia has had a cat, lizard, turtle, parrot, ferret, snake, and even an opossum. Pretend you are Olivia. Write a book telling kids about the animals you have. Make sure you tell them what the animal eats, where it lives—and how dangerous it would be to try and pet a stray animal like that! You might have to do a little research first!

  5. In the "Ghostville Elementary" books, Jeff, Cassidy and Nina meet new ghosts. First there is Ozzy, Becky, Sadie, and Huxley in Ghost Class. Then in Ghost Game they meet Nate. In New Ghoul In School they meet Edgar, and in Stage Fright Calliope and Coco-Mo move into the basement classroom!

    Pretend you are Cassidy, Jeff, and Nina. Make a welcoming poster for new ghosts that might come to visit "Ghostville Elementary". Include all the good things about school and even a map so the new ghosts won’t feel nervous.

    Hey! How about making a welcoming poster for your own school next!

  6. Ghostwriters are people who write stories for someone else. Be a ghostly ghostwriter! In the story New Ghoul In School, Nina, Jeff, and Cassidy meet Edgar who is always writing ghost stories in his journal. What kind of ghost stories would a ghost write? With a group of friends, with your class, or all by yourself, write a collection of ghost stories that could be included in Edgar’s journal of scary stories!

  7. Cassidy, Jeff, and Nina meet up with some pretty unusual characters in the series, "Ghostville Elementary". First of all, there’s Mr. Morton, their teacher. He’s nice, but why can’t he see the ghosts? Andrew is the kind of kid that likes to tease. And the twins Carla and Darla are always telling other kids to behave. That’s pretty normal in most classrooms, though. What isn’t normal are the ghosts! An entire classroom full of ghosts. There’s even a ghost dog and a ghost cat! Who are your favorite characters from "Ghostville Elementary"? Make trading cards using index cards. Draw a picture on one side, then write a description on the other side!

    Have fun designing a game using your trading cards!
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