Hope you'll make your own Mermaid Tale, like this amazing one!

 An amazing young mergirl made her own Mermaid Tales. 

Write Like A Pirate = Mermaid Tales Bk 8 - Treasure in Trident City by children's author Debbie Dadey

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                                 Write like a Pirate!

Enter the Haunted Ship Writing Contest. More details on April 1st, 2021.

Haunted Ship Writing Contest 


 Don't forget you can write or draw for the MerStyle magazines!

Clownfish - Debbie Dadey, children's author of Mermaid Tales book series

Read the Trident City Newspaper
Issue # 356,742
Now make your own!


Mermaid poetry cards

Mermaid Tales Poetry Cards


Starfish Writing Process 

Starfish Writing Process - Debbie Dadey, children's author

Starfish Writing Elements

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